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WORLD FEDERATION OF POWER LEADERS(WFPL) originates from the International Youth Institute (formerly the International Youth Research Institute, PRESIDENT LEE SAN-HA) established on January 11, 2007, and through the 17 metropolitan and provincial branches and the regional federations in Korea and regional federations from around the world with WORLD PRESS ASSOCIATION(WPA), and in cooperation with enthusiastic, talented young men and women, actively participates in solving the crisis arising from the structural conflicts in the society. It aims to orient toward the living-together world where the socially weak are not neglected and the culture of participation and communication is widely spread.








How are you?




If we can share the abilities of each individual regardless of one's gender or age, new values will be created, making our world more prosperous.


There are numerous people in difficulties. We have sufficient abilities to help one another.


However, there isn’t any well-prepared ‘inter-connected system’ that can process related works systematically, and thus we haven’t been able to exert even just a part of our infinite abilities.


If the ‘inter-connected system’ in which we can hold hands together and help even the little voice be heard is well established, our regional communities, states and even the world will be more just and healthier.




Honorable fellow citizens and citizens of the world!



The world is changing rapidly with the development of AI(Artificial Intelligence), big data and robots. However, we are watching this massive flow in two extremes of the mixture of anticipation and delight and of anxiety and nervousness.


Under such social reforms, the world's social problems include people with disabilities and seniors who are socially disadvantaged around the world, education of growing dream trees, school violence and other youth issues that trample young students' dreams and hopes, employment that is competitive due to unproductive and uneconomic factors, and the way to tackle uncertain, unpredictable future. Many countries around the world are at a critical crossroads where their ability to solve these problems is doubted, before coming up with solutions to them.


Once known as ‘International Youth Research Institute (first president Lee San-ha),’ established in January 2007, ‘World Federation of Power Leaders (WFPL)’ has made its first step while placing a high value in creating a world, ‘where we live together in harmony’, in which the disadvantaged aren’t neglected and the culture of participation and communication spreads widely through exchanges and cooperation within each country around the world.


WFPL, as a politically neutral organization, with WORLD PRESS ASSOCIATION(WPA) which is an affiliated media organization of WFPL is poised to rally passionate youths through the branch federations in 17 metropolitan cities and provinces throughout Korea as well as those in each country around the world; we will actively participate in solving the social crisis caused by the structural inconsistencies of our society; and we will revitalize our regional communities, states and the world.


WFPL will shed light on various issues in our society, including conflicts of interests among nations and other issues including politics, religion, human rights, environment, economy, science, education, health, and ideology in the age of infinite competition, and come up with alternatives to address them reasonably. 

We will contribute to solving the social problems bugging all countries.




Honorable fellow citizens and citizens of the world!


To this end, WIC AWARDS(WORLD INNOVATIVE CONTRITUTION AWARDS) is dedicated to to find and honor people who have contributed to world peace and human development by inspiring achievements in all areas of the world, establishing desirable representations of the world. WIC AWARDS is designed to contribute to solving the challenges of the world as well as building a just and healthy world by making known their dedication throughout the world. In addition, it aims to bring home to the problem of school violence occurring in countries, encourage those who are devoted to the prevention and elimination of school violence, and give dreams, hopes, and courage to youths around the world who are wandering around due to school violence.


WFPL will stand at the center of the change.


We always go with you in creating the world ‘where we live together in harmony’. 

We would be very grateful for your generous support and attention, and your active participation with us.


Thank you.











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