World Federation of Power Leaders WFPL



WORLD FEDERATION OF POWER LEADERS(WFPL) originates from the International Youth Institute (formerly the International Youth Research Institute, PRESIDENT LEE SAN-HA) established on January 11, 2007, and through the 17 metropolitan and provincial branches and the regional federations in Korea and regional federations from around the world with WORLD PRESS ASSOCIATION(WPA), and in cooperation with enthusiastic, talented young men and women, actively participates in solving the crisis arising from the structural conflicts in the society. It aims to orient toward the living-together world where the socially weak are not neglected and the culture of participation and communication is widely spread.         















1. Eligibility of Candidate Recommendation


Experts related among citizens of all countries of the world, including Koreans

Public institutions, including embassies and consulates around the world or research institute, schools in countries around the world





2. Required Documents


Recommendation Letter (No Form)


The language to be used in the recommendation must be English or Korean. If a foreign language is used, the translated English or Korean version must be submitted.




3. What to include in recommendation letter


Referrer (recommended contact, email, referrer photo, referrer introduction), reason for recommendation (recommended name, contact information, recommended activity, and other materials to prove it)







(Note: Calls are not allowed in accordance with the review regulations., and applications are received by e-mail only) 




5. Application Period

From May 1 of the previous year to April 30




6. Application Deadline


April 30 every year




6. Announcement of Winners


November every year (except in special cases)




7. Awards Ceremony


January of next year (except in special cases)











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