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The world is changing at a rapid pace helped along by artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and robotics.

The core competitiveness in the fourth industrial revolution is the growth of creativity.

A society that does not have an educational system that nurtures creativity can only fall behind in this age of endless competition.

To cultivate the soil of creativity, society must first return a safe, healthy, and happy school back without school violence to the students.

Recently, following the brutal attack on a Busan middle school student by her peers, Busan City Superintendent of Education Kim Suk-joon met with local NGOs to discuss countermeasures and even called together a task force with NGO heads, but eventually reached the conclusion that the prevention of school violence could no longer be resolved by school and educational authorities’ efforts alone.


"School violence can no longer be resolved by the efforts of schools and educational authorities alone.”


In order to create safe schools where students can fulfill their dreams, not only schools and educational authorities both also all of society need to actively pitch in.


WFPL outlines the following three activities to counter school violence.







1. Model Leader Awards for students who actively endeavor to eradicate school violence



The most effective way to eradicate school violence, including verbal abuse and bullying,

is to get students involved.

Systems to motivate students need to first be introduced.

This system can have students conduct a multifaceted evaluation each semester to give students at the forefront of eradicating school violence the Model Leader Awards.

This system should be implemented in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Outstanding case studies should be gathered and disseminated to all schools as anti-school violence material.


Model Leader Awards will encourage students to get actively involved and steadily weed out school violence.

To better advance a healthy society, students need to voluntarily find interest in teen problems including school violence and find ways to overcome them.


This is why we  strongly suggests the implementation of a student-oriented Model Leader Awards to recognize students who have dedicated time and effort into preventing school violence with bullying.





2. The Establishment of a Third Evaluation Agency


Achievements are very important factors in the competitive college admission field.

However, despite the initial reasoning behind them, achievements result in unnecessary competition rather than fair competition.

Some colleges, judging that evaluating achievements may cause problems in objectivity and fairness,

have decided to reduce the number of applicants accepted through achievement-based categories.

In particular, under the current system perpetrators of school violence are open to all kinds of benefits if they have outstanding achievements.


This can result in perpetrators to believe that their violent behaviors are acceptable ultimately discouraging the eradication of school violence in the long run.

Achievements are important to college admission.


However, if education authorities continue ignore the exceedingly rampant rash of school violence and focus instead on admissions, school violence cannot be resolved and authorities cannot be exempt from responsibility.


In the long run, this will affect our future generations as well as ourselves in a vicious cycle.

Accordingly, we propose the establishment of a third evaluation agency that will take charge of the case fairly and objectively,

so that the victim will not be subjected again to the second harm and only the responsibility of the school and other members of the school should be borne.


Also, we strongly suggest that students be obligated to submit the "School Violence and Preventive Activity Record" required for college admissions through this organization.




3. Need to Promote the National Movement for the Expulsion of School Violence



Many organizations have endeavored to resolve school violence.

In spite of these efforts, school violence has not shown any signs of waning.

On the contrary, it has come to a point where nothing seems to be able to be done.


To overcome this problem, we must move away from perfunctory events and empty bureaucracy and introduce a fundamental paradigm shift.


We can no longer hope that someone will come along and solve the school violence problem.

Families, schools, corporations, and all other members of society need to send their continuous interest and support to create an environment in which students can feel safe about going to school.

In particular, corporations should set a policy of preferential treatment for students who contribute to the deportation of school violence, and make it mandatory to submit 'School Violence and Preventive Activitives Record' at the time of admission.


Then, corporations will be able to acquire talented individuals with high personality,

and will be a great opportunity to raise corporate value by fulfilling their social responsibilities, as well as to expel school violence.


Therefore, to return a guaranteed safe, healthy, and happy school back to our students, the future backbone of our society, we must continue to progress a national movement for the expulsion of school violence and restoration of educational authority.

We ask that everyone show their active support and involvement in this endeavor.


Thank you.




Dec. 19, 2017


at the International Conference Hall of Korea Press Center in Seoul, Korea
















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