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"School violence cannot be justified."



WFPL, as part of efforts to expel school violence in many countries around the world including Korea, was held on December 19, 2017 at the International Convention Center on the 20th floor of the Korea Press Center and launched "SVEH(SCHOOL VIOLENCE EXPULSION HEADQUARTERS IN WORLD)". And WFPL  designated and declared January 11th, at the anniversary of the founding of WFPL, as "World School Violence Expulsion Day".


WFPL is also continuing the annual program to ensure that students who suffer or are victimized by school violence are no longer on the world.


In addition, SVEH in Korea annually invites those who have devoted themselves to preventing or exterminating school violence in July, and is awarding KOREA STUDENT LEADER AWARDS(children and youth) and SVE SPECIAL AWARDS(adult). There are also 10 million signatory campaigns to expel school violence.


SVEH(SCHOOL VIOLENCE EXPULSION HEADQUARTERS IN WORLD) was established to solve the problem of school violence professionally. It is an organization established under the 'Human Rights Organization' which is a special organization of WFPL ' and the purpose and purpose of the launch are as follows:







1. Children who will lead the future of the Republic of Korea are at risk from school violence, including language violence and group bullying that destroys personality.


2. At the national level, there have been many policies to solve the problem of school violence. However, violence in schools has not been reduced, it has been going on stealthily, and the situation is becoming more and more brutal.


3. In order to solve various kinds of school violence that threatens the safety of our society, we should not only assume all responsibilities to teachers, schools, education offices and national institutions but also study various measures for preventing and expelling school violence at the private level. There is a need for a 'participation system' that can participate.


4. In order to expel school violence, it is important to make a feasible and fundamental solution to solve it. Therefore, in order to publicize the seriousness of school violence to the whole nation and to eradicate it, it is necessary to launch the "National People's Movement Headquarters for the Expulsion of School Violence" as an organization to systematically manage the "10 million signatures campaign for violence of school violence" the national demand is increasing.







1. SVEH will assign experts from various levels in the future to analyze causes of school violence accidents and to study effective measures against violence and solutions to the school violence. Campaign to raise the public awareness of safety, such as school violence, while petitioning for revision.


2. The local council for the prevention and deportation of school violence (school violence deportation area council) is expanded to the national basic autonomous organization and efforts are made to create a healthy and happy school that is safe for students and teachers.


3. Encourage companies to participate more effectively and effectively in the prevention and deportation of school violence, and seek cooperation from past violence records when companies hire new employees.


4. We will continue to carry out the "10 million signatures campaign for violence against schools" by establishing the Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct for WORLD People's Movement for the School Violence Expulsion, leading to the continued interest and participation of all citizens.

5. School violence is a problem not only in Korea but also in other countries around the world. In order to make sure that all the students of our global village are no longer suffering.




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