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WORLD FEDERATION OF POWER LEADERS(WFPL) originates from the International Youth Institute (formerly the International Youth Research Institute, PRESIDENT LEE SAN-HA) established on January 11, 2007, and through the 17 metropolitan and provincial branches and the regional federations in Korea and regional federations from around the world with WORLD PRESS ASSOCIATION(WPA), and in cooperation with enthusiastic, talented young men and women, actively participates in solving the crisis arising from the structural conflicts in the society. It aims to orient toward the living-together world where the socially weak are not neglected and the culture of participation and communication is widely spread.  














January every year (except in special cases)



The WINNERS OF WIC AWARDS will be announced in January, the anniversary of the establishment of WORLD FEDERATION OF POWER LEADERS (January 11) and World School Violence Expulsion Day (January 11)*.



* World School Violence Expulsion Day (January 11, every year)


Tens of millions of students worldwide, including children, suffer from school violence every year. Many students also give up their precious lives each year to escape the pain of school violence.


WORLD FEDERATION OF POWER LEADERS has developed a 'Safety System for the Prevention and Expulsion of School Violence,' in which all countries in the world can co-operate in concert with each other to publicize the seriousness of school violence and to keep students safe from school violence. For this purpose, January 11, the anniversary of the establishment of WFPL, was designated and declared as 'World School Violence Expulsion Day.'


Even recognizing the seriousness of school violence which is evolving into a more cruel and anti-inhumane form, each country of the world is unable to respond appropriately. Victims are continually on the increase by verbal violence in cyberspace, such as SNS, which is easily accessible anywhere in the world without direct contact, and bystander phenomena that neglect it.


It is especially damaging to young students who need a healthy social environment where they can play freely and nourish their dreams. This is a very serious global problem that is not confined to any one country but common to many countries around the world.










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